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art and business.

art + biz

Who we are: An arts initiative designed to bridge creators with small business owners for project development, design ideas, and imaginative pairings by financially supporting artists for work performed for small businesses. We pay artists & creators!

What we do: Find and fund artists, musicians, designers, crafters, and writers in collaboration with independent businesses by providing a financial stipend for work performed.

How we can help you: Are you an artist looking for work or a business owner looking to innovate, expand, or brighten your shop or digital presence? We connect small business owners with artists and provide monetary support for creative projects.

To learn more about our collaborative efforts, email us for more information.

To apply as an artist or small business, please fill out a short questionnaire:

art + biz application

Project Ideas:

• Logo/label design
• Menu creation
• Apparel design
• Music and entertainment 
• Copy writing/editing
• Artwork/murals/decorative design
• Graphic design
• Art class/seminar
• Photography
• Ads/jingles
• And more

art + biz Scholarship Program:

This award is for college students who pursue a post-secondary education in arts, including, but not limited to: digital art, graphic design, fine arts, music, musical performance, drama/theatre, culinary arts, dance, cinematography and film, interactive media design, drawing, integrative arts, visual arts, photography, or a similar field of study. Applicants should identify as Black or African American, Indigenous, or as a Person of Color, or in financial need.

Candidate Requirements:
-Pursuing an undergraduate degree with an eligible major
-Exhibit exemplary artistic passion and skills
-Be a qualified Black student or show financial need
-Reside in Western Pennsylvania (Allegheny, Beaver, Westmoreland, Butler, Washington County)

Applications now open for Spring 2022 semester! To apply, please click below:

Scholarship Application
Apply for Scholarship

Meet Lee Owens, an illustration major attending RIT and one of our scholarship winners! Lee is an illustrator who enjoys character design and oil painting.

Meet Spencer Jackson, a graphic design major attending Robert Morris University and one of our scholarship winners! Spencer is a graphic design artist and is working toward becoming a video game designer!

art + biz is an arts initiative supported by grant funding and sponsorships, in collaboration with Barrel & Flow Fest and Buy Fresh, Buy Local Western PA.

We proudly support artists and thank Arts l Equity l Reimagined and New Sun Rising for their continued grant support and for all that they do for the arts communities in Pittsburgh.

We thank Red House Communications for their generous support of our college scholarship fund. Visit Red House: