Barrel & Flow Fest

black arts on tap

August 12, 2023: New Year. Same Block. Same Party.

craft brew + art + music + marketplace + conference


Applications now open for vendors, collaborators, breweries, artists, & speakers.

“A beer festival that actually looked like America. Black folks, white folks, all kindsa folks, queer folks, straight folks, womenfolk, menfolk. Folk, folk. Ran smooth. Crazy beautiful vibes, zero negativity … Damn nice beers!”
- Garrett Oliver

What to expect in 2023

Exclusive Collaborations

sip our exclusive collaborations as we celebrate Black breweries

Vibe & Imbibe

dance to the beats of some of the best deejays & bands across the nation

Explore Opportunity

learn about brewing and explore job opportunities

Crafters Market

shop our uniquely curated collection of vendors in the Crafters Market

Networking & Community

connect with non-profits and investigate how to help

Experience Live Art

watch live artists paint, sculpt, and craft works of beauty and mastery

Create & Connect

build bridges between local creators & local businesses

Arts Initiative

apply for an arts-based scholarship through our art + biz program

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