Behind the Scenes:

Day Bracey - Founder

Hobbies include: Drinking, talking sh*t, and paying Black people. Co-host of the award-winning Drinking Partners podcast.

Ed Bailey - Chief Financial Officer

Ed is a comedian/podcaster from Cleveland, Ohio. He’s been able to share comedy stages with some of the industry’s elite, while garnering numerous accolades for his podcast “Drinking Partners” which he cohosts with Barrel & Flow Fest founder, Day Bracey. The two have been voted “Best Podcast” by Pittsburgh City Paper and recognized as two of the nation’s 40 Under 40 by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

Dom Shuck - Talent Acquisition

Dom has been linked to the music and comedy scenes for almost two decades. He is a self-professed Hip Hop junkie and a self-confessed proud music nerd. Dom is also very passionate about making things equitable for all, a mission that is even more important to him since the birth of his son, whom inspires him to push for a better tomorrow.

Thomas Poet - Head of Collaborations

Thomas Poet was born and raised in Western PA, but spent the majority of his adulthood in the Philadelphia area. He is currently working in the craft spirit scene as a director of sales. When Thomas isn't working, he can be found spending time with his loving family. He is the proud father of two beautiful daughters, whom are his true north and his inspiration to improve himself and the space around him. As the head of collaboration for Barrel & Flow, he created the collaboration pack concept that helped to realize the mission of the festival: Black-brewed beer in homes all over America. Thomas is currently working on a brewery project in Pittsburgh's Hazelwood neighborhood that is committed to the values and virtues Barrel & Flow espouse and is set to open late 2022 or early 2023.

Cat Bruno - Director of Communications & Operations

Girl Friday for Barrel & Flow and art + biz, mighty with a pen and mightier with a laptop missing the E key. Six-time author of books dark and fantastical, walker of one very cool dog, mother of two bright and independent girls. Loves: indie art in all forms big and small, quiet and bold. Likes: pilates, politics, and peanut butter.

Shelley Meyer- Vendor Coordinator

Shelley Meyer spent over a decade building brands for big business before she began to cultivate her own small business, which combines creativity and eco-awareness into the construction of minimalist handmade items crafted with upcycled materials. Shelley has been a volunteer with Barrel and Flow Fest since its inception and is looking forward to her role as vendor coordinator and brings a passion for connecting small, new, and local businesses with their communities.

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